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Why You Need To STOP Writing Content, If You Want To Get Traffic

Here’s the thing about Content Marketing. We all want traffic to our websites because more traffic means more sales, leads, and email optins.

Heck, it can even mean more free time, peace of mind, etc.

But there are far too many people who think that writing MORE content is the secret to getting traffic: ‘If I can just write 3 more posts this week, I *should* hit my content goals…right?!?’

But the reality?

It’s actually HURTING your chances while slowly driving you mad from writing all the damn time.

(Crazy right but this is what 99% of people don’t understand.)

If you want to start getting actual traffic then you need to stop writing and read this post.

The best part?

I’m about to show you how to NOT ONLY get more traffic and higher conversions from your content, but I’ll also show you how to do it quicker and by writing far less often.

Keep reading to learn how…

The Amplification Approach: A Simple Solution That Crushes ‘More Content’ For Getting Traffic

That’s a pretty big promise right there. How to write less often AND get far more traffic

So why should you listen to me?

Well to be honest I’m not perfect. I’ve had HUGE failures in content marketing and I’ve learned the hard way. In fact, back when I first started, I would often spend around 80 hours writing blog posts that managed to generate a whole 2 shares…

One share was from me on my Google Plus account (Remember Google Plus?), and the other was my Nan trying to support me.

(She’s pretty on the ball with social media. Sometimes she will even comment on my paid ads telling me to call my mom etc…)

But to get back to the point, my content just wasn’t working. I tried and failed numerous times until I finally figured out what I was doing wrong.

And to be clear, I’m not smart, I just made every single mistake, and tried everything the guides would recommend:

  • Blog commenting
  • Facebook Dark Posts
  • And so much other rubbish

You name it I tried it.

Since then? Well, a little while back I wrote the 2nd post for a brand-new site.

Within 14 days it had 50,000 visitors and over 300 client requests…

(That’s a cool $3 Million dollars in potential clients right there)

But still, even with my success so far, I’ve still made other mistakes.

What like?

Well, how about the fact that it wasn’t until around 30,000 people were reading the post, that I started adding email capture forms…

So yeah. A lot of mistakes and a lot of hard lessons learned.

Since then I’ve had content in the TOP 10 of ALL FREAKING TIME over on (Inbound used to the premier  site where the top marketers in the world share their content with each other.)

I’ve even had content shared or linked to by:

  • Ryan Deiss (Billion dollar marketing company)
  • Neil Patel (Multi million SAAS owner)
  • Sean Ellis (Founder of Growth Hackers)
  • Brian Dean (of Backlinko)
  • Glen Allsopp (of

Heck, I’ve had the top content on GrowthHackers for months in a row.

(GrowthHacker is another marketing forum where the top marketers hang out.)

I’ve even had millions of social views of content and other crazy things.

Look I don’t mean to brag (even though I am proud of our results). I just want YOU to see what is possible even for someone like me who made ALL the mistakes

Traffic is not that hard to get once you understand a few things

I’m not saying its easy…

You still have to put in the work and anyone who tells you otherwise is full of BS

…But I’m saying it can be a whole LOT easier

You can create less content and get more traffic while providing a better customer experience

And even better?

These are not ‘flash in the pan, sneaky tricks’ that only work for a short amount of time

Instead they are evergreen methods that almost every misses

Even OutBound Agencies Are Using This ‘Inbound’ Method…

All those results we just shared came with less than 10 posts total

Writing more content is NOT the answer, and if you’ve been writing like crazy then good news

You can stop doing that now

I’m going to share with you exactly what we did to achieve this in just a second

But first off I need to let you know that I absolutely LOVE content

I’m known as a ‘paid ads’ type guy and yet I use content all the damn time

(Heck I wrote a book on the topic)

But I’m not the only one who believes in content…

Companies like Moz, Backlinko, Klient Boost, Sujan Patel and others all focus on using content with this EXACT same approach I’m about to share with you

Yep even ‘paid ad companies’ see the importance of promotion and content


Because there are so many benefits to using it…

The ‘Obvious’ Benefits (Before The Often Missed Ones)

Content can help drive traffic

Do it well and promote it and Google sends you traffic and that traffic becomes new leads and sales

People will even reference it and share it with friends helping to drive even more people to you

We all know that because its the end goal

But it gets better…

Doing This Helps You Be Lazy-But Also FAR More Efficient With Your Time

During your work you often have the same conversations again and again with new customers

It doesn’t matter what business you are in

The same questions and objections will come up that you need to help someone with

But if you’re strategic about what you write, it means you never have to have those conversations again


Because the content does it for you

And it can have that conversation with faaaar more people than you ever could on your own….

It’s Your 24/7 Sales Person That Can Talk To More People In An Hour, Than You Ever Could In A Lifetime

Content works 24/7, 365 days a year

It can be read by far more people than you could ever talk to in person

People in different countries to where you are even based

And if you do it correctly content can actually convert far more leads into subscribers

Did you know that email is the 2nd highest converting sales channel?

Couple that with email marketing and suddenly you have this huge engine that not only drives traffic but also helps sell to people on automation

At scale…

…And while you’re not even there

Those are the obvious benefits right?

But there are even more still…

When Done Correctly It Can Actually Lower Stress AND Give You Peace Of Mind…

That’s right

Content can help you ‘get all zen’

Because once your content is actually working for you i.e not just getting 2 shares, then it starts getting you sales…

Hurrah that’s the end goal

But what does more sales from content really mean?

Well if you’re a content writer for a company it means your boss might get off your back about writing all the time

Less content and better results means you’re not jumping about from topic to topic, fueled by caffeine and blank behind the eyes by 4 o’clock…

There’s nothing worse than writing with zero results and a stressed out boss asking you to then write something else on a totally different topic right?

Maybe you’re not a writer but you run an agency?

Successful content can mean getting far better results for clients without having to be physically doing things…

every. single. hour

They get results ongoing and you keep getting paid to help improve them

Its a win-win for you and them

Or maybe you’re a small business owner just trying to actually make some sales online?

Having content that works can give you the peace of mind to know that you’re getting X traffic each month that equals X sales

You can make more cash and maybe get that treat you’ve been wanting?…

Even better you could hire someone to take over that and help stop that bottle neck of you having to do all the work

This One Thing Alone Can Make The Biggest Difference In Your Life, And Business

This might mean you spend time doing something else, or even just kicking back and relaxing with friends and family

Like I said

I LOVE Content but it wasn’t always the case…

So how did I do it?

How did I go from spending 80 hours on a post and my Nan being the only person to share?

To instead:

  • Getting new leads and sales every single day?
  • Being shared by the top peers in the industry?
  • And being able to work from home by the beach?


Those people who tell you to work from the beach are full of it…

Its far too hot, there’s zero WiFi and you cant see a thing on your screen

But the beauty of content means you can bunk off to the beach mid-day and still be getting leads, sales, traffic etc

So let me tell you how I did this

And its not because I wrote more…

Its Because I Was Strategic To PROMOTE That Content

And the best part?

You can do the EXACT same thing…

…even if you’re not a marketer by trade, you’re a team of one or you have a budget that just barely covers coffee for the week

Right now you might be spending blood, sweat and tears trying to write each night with nothing to show for it

You might even be thinking that content can go kiss your ass right?

Let me help you change that

What you need to understand is that PROMOTION is more important than creation

Especially if you don’t have a huge audience already

That’s why here at AmpMyContent almost every single guide is about content promotion methods

That’s how much we believe in it

But just saying ‘promote more’ is not going to help you

In fact there are 3 factors that can totally change your promotion results, leading to more traffic for your business

And they are probably things that you are missing right now

And so before you get started promoting, I want to help you be in the best position to get the very best results from your efforts

That’s why we’ve created this brand new series

  • We’re going to show you exactly what we do with our own content (Everything we teach you are the exact same methods we use ‘in-house’ to build our own business)
  • We’re going to help you get past the common mistakes, objections and myths that have stopped you in the past so you can finally get traction
  • We’re going to go through specific strategies that will help you write killer content much easier
  • We’re going to show you how to convert almost 5x the industry average optins from your content
  • And much more

By the end of this series you’ll have a killer content asset that collects far more leads and get more traffic

  • Even if you suck at writing
  • Even if you don’t have ANY emails being collected


Awesome lets get started

First we all need to get on the same page

So I’m going to break down EXACTLY why you need to focus on promotion and NOT creation

And when you see why you’re going to kick yourself…

The Importance Of Promotion: Why More Promotion And Less Content Works (Backed By SCIENCE!)

So here’s my argument for this:

I need you to get on board with it

Because once you understand this it will change every piece of content you create from now on

So lets dig in…

More Content Is NOT The Answer…

Here the thing:

Less content can actually help you get better results

In fact, you could hire an intern to just send emails of your previous content each day and get far more traffic (More on this in a second and we break this down inside the video bonus…)

At the moment you might be creating multiple posts per month or even per week

If you’re running a business then stop writing all the time RIGHT NOW

The problem is that we copy what we experience…

We read media, news and entertainment sites

Their business model is based around advertising revenue

The more eyeballs they get on an advert, the more money they make

And so they create multiple pieces of filler content each day (Spread over multiple pages) just to try and get you to see more adverts…

Their business model is totally different to yours

You make money differently and so your marketing needs to reflect those differences

You sell products or services and these need depth and valuable content

So STOP writing all the time:

  • It’ll save you a lot of stress and effort,
  • There are easier ways to start scaling traffic AND
  • It can actually have a negative effect on what you’re trying to achieve…

That’s right

Too much weak content can actually lower your chances of getting traffic…

Too Much Content Is Actually HURTING Your Traffic Efforts

Lets keep this simple

People link to your website and this affects your rankings right?

All those links together give your website a level of authority or ‘Domain Authority’

This ranking helps each page rank for certain terms which then can help drive traffic from Google

But the thing is…

If you have too many weak pages, it actually lowers your rankings across your ENTIRE SITE

That’s right

Weak content can actually cause your good content to rank lower, causing you to get less traffic overall

I’m over simplifying but that’s the general rule

If the content is not good enough to attract links and be promoted, then it drags down your actual good stuff

In fact it drags down every single page you have

You can even delete old weak pages and see your rankings go UP for other content

Pretty crazy right?

This is why you need to be writing less but writing killer content

And killer content isn’t that difficult (We show you how to do this in part 2 of this series for FREE)

In a recent study of 1 Million websites by Buzzsumo, they found that sites with less content but higher quality (that’s actually promoted), got far more traffic

In fact sites that met that criteria got almost 37% of ALL INTERNET TRAFFIC

Crazier still?

When they compared Hubspot and their 127 THOUSAND blog posts to Backlinko’s 54 posts in 5 years?…

Backlinko had more links, shares AND traffic…

One dude writing a post every few months and promoting it

Versus an entire TEAM writing multiple posts PER DAY

Again…this is the importance of promotion

(I know which approach I prefer…)

And by focusing on writing less you can actually improve the quality AND get more traffic

But it still gets better…

When You Focus On This It Becomes The FASTEST WAY To Grow Your Audience

Here’s the thing:

Unless you have a massive audience already, you simply cannot grow fast enough by writing all the time for your current audience

Let me explain with some super simple math…

Lets say you have 1000 subscribers already

Every time you write a new post and send it to them, maybe 10% of them share it on social media

And so you might get 100 shares right?

(And that’s being generous)

But from those 100 shares you might only get 10 new subscribers

So your spent maybe 8 hours writing to go from…

1000 subscribers > 1010 subscribers

If you wrote another new post you might get a whopping 11 new subscribers

Now you can grow like this but you may go insane during the process

For you to scale up to say 10,000 subscribers would take you soooo many blog posts

More than I would EVER want to write

Now let say instead that you do some suuuuper basic promotion

You find influencers, fans and blogs that have proven to link the topic you just wrote about

And then you start emailing them and telling them about your content

Now even if you’re bad at this you can expect maybe 10% to share the content

So if you send 100 emails that’s 10 shares which drives the same amount of traffic as writing a new post

And if you do that for a week instead of writing a new post-just how many emails do you think you could send?

You can do around 150-200 emails per day easy

So that’s 1,000 emails sent in a week and 100 social shares

(Again I’m simplifying but bear with me)

It seems identical right?…

…but there’s a huge difference

For one, you didn’t have to write another post (Hooray!)

And that post won’t drag down the rankings of your other great content

But it gets better…

This Is the FASTEST WAY To See A Positive ROI From Your Content (And Shave Off Years Of Waiting With Other Methods)

All content costs money

Its either your time, or someone else’s or maybe you even pay for writers

The thing is…

Lets say you DO have some kind of email automation in place

And for every 100 email subscribers you make 2 sales

And so for every 1,000 visitors you get 10 new subscribers i.e 10% of your traffic turns into a subscriber

(Which is WAY above most sites but we’ll show you how to do this easily in step 3 of this series)

OK so…

This means for every 1000 visitors you get 100 subscribers and make 2 sales

Still with me?

Well think of this…

How many visitors would you need to get to just ‘break even’ on the content creation cost?

10,000 visitors and 10 sales?


And that’s just to break even

Without promotion your current traffic might take you 12 months or longer just to cover the initial cost…

But when you actually promote the content like we already showed you in the last step that you could get far more traffic to the post far faster

This means you actually start to break even AND see a positive return on your content much sooner

The thing is…

If you actually keep promoting it, it not only breaks even

But That Content ROI Suddenly Starts To Skyrocket…


Well for every 1000 emails you might get 100 shares and 1000 visitors etc

This leads to 100 subscribers and 2 new sales (If we’re being super generous about your optin rate)

So the content is getting traction and making money


For every 100 emails you send to promote that content, you might actually get perhaps 2 sites linking back to your article from their own website

Now this is a HUGE difference to just writing more content


Well we already know that links help with SEO and rankings right?

And 2 links doesn’t sound like much…

But it is when you consider that out of those 1 million articles looked at by Buzzsumo?

Less Than Half Of Those 1 Million Articles Had A Single Backlink…

In fact even the top ranking content can sometimes only have 8 linking sites (In low competition industries etc)

So you could spend a week promoting that content and NOT ONLY get bursts of shares and traffic and sales…

But by the end of it you might rank first in Google with your content

Suddenly it actually drives thousands and thousands of visitors


(This is the advantage of promotion…)

By this point the content is actually making such a high positive ROI its insane

And because its ranking, your audience and ROI starts to compound on itself

What does that mean?

Simply your traffic and subscribers grow by a set percentage each month

But because theses numbers are so much larger, you don’t get just 10 new subscribers per month…

…You start to get hundreds per day instead

And it just keeps building and building

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again… this is the importance of promotion and advertising your content

(And why EVERY guide and case study on this site is about this)

Because if you were to just write another post instead?

You would never have got those rankings and traffic…

Don’t just take my word for it though

Want an example?

I have a buddy who specializes in this email outreach method…

By promoting content to a new audience he’s helped this one company grow from a respectable 500,000 visits a month…


That traffic cost if they paid for advertising instead?

It would cost them $9.3 Million dollars every single month…

(Can you just imagine how many sales they are making?)

So many other companies focus on promotion because its literally what Google wants you to do

Its how KlientBoost (a Paid ad company) scaled from $100,000 to $300,000 PER MONTH in sales…

They focused on less content, killer content and strategic promotion

(They still do promotion AND advertising, they just make sure not to focus on the one channel only)

They are not the only ones though…

Its how MOZ generates 51.6 thousands visitors per month from just one of their articles

(Saving them an equivalent $559,000 monthly advertising bill…)

Not bad right?

But people just keep copying media companies and writing weak content with zero promotion…

The 3 Simple Factors To Content Promotion Success

So remember earlier I hinted there are 3 factors that can affect your promotion?

They are:

  1. Promotion More Than Creation
  2. Killer Content
  3. Systemised Promotion And Creation

So what does that mean?

Well you can already see that promotion is the most logical, fastest and efficient way to actually get traffic and real results

But you can’t just promote any old thing

Its needs to be good

‘Killer’ Content is not that hard to create

We’ll show you how in Part 2 and we’ll also show you how to collect far more emails in Part 3

This well help you not only create a Killer Content asset BUT it will also make it more efficient at helping you collect subscribers

And we already know that subscribers convert to sales

(This way any new traffic to that content is far more effective)

Then in Part 4 we’ll help you get started with actually promoting that content by sharing some of our systems with you

Content Creation AND Promotion Are Super Simple- Especially When You Start To Create Systems Around Them…

These are our internal training and execution tools we use ‘in house’

Basically it means we make sure we get the best results possible and not forget anything by just ticking the right boxes in the right order

(And we’re going to share some of these systems with you in this series)

Because once you have these things in place?

Your promotion and content will perform so much better

Imagine this:

Right now you could start promotion

You could send 100 emails and get 10 shares and 2 backlinks and if I’m honest?…

…maybe 2 new subscribers

But if you follow the steps in parts 2 + 3 of this series

If you both improve your content AND improve the optin rate some crazy things happen

You send the same 100 emails but…

Rather than 10 people sharing you get 20 shares resulting in more traffic and initial sales

Not bad so far…

Your content kicks ass and so people love it

Those 20 shares drive maybe 2,000 visitors

But now rather than just 40 subscribers, you get 200 new subscribers and 10 sales…

(And these subscribers will buy from you again and again)

Even better still?

Rather than 2 backlink’s it might get 5 or more

Doesn’t seem like too big a difference until you realize you just halved the time it will take you to rank in Google and get traffic sent to you…

Oh and for every piece of content that works like this and builds these links-every other page also starts to see a boost in traffic and rankings

Does this make sense?

Its all tied together

If you can improve the content AND promote it more, it benefits almost every other aspect

  • Less writing
  • More traffic
  • Higher rankings
  • More shares, subscribers and sales…

Even better?

Its all from sending that same number of promotional emails (Heck email outreach is just one method of promotion, can you imagine if you used all of them?…)

And when this content finally starts to rank and get compound traffic?

It TOTALLY changes your business results

And so that’s why:

  • In Part 2 we’re going to show you how to write this killer content
  • In Part 3 we’ll help make that content more effective at collecting emails
  • And in Part 4 we’ll start to talk about promotion and how to make it all SO MUCH EASIER by building systems

This series is what you need if you want to start getting actual results with your content

Follow this to the end and when you come to start promoting?…

…The results will be game changing for you

Simply click the box below to not only get an exclusive bonus, but to be notified when parts 2 and 3 go live!

So Now Its Your Choice: To Finally Get More Traffic?… Or To Keep Writing All The Time?

So does that all make sense so far?

Be sure to click that link above to not miss out on this bonus

While you wait for the next part in the series, I want to ask you a question:

Can you see the importance of promotion now?

It makes far more sense to help you grow your traffic, instead of writing all the time

  • If yes then what type of business are you in? An entrepreneur, a freelance writer? Maybe an agency owner or a small business owner who just wants more online sales?
  • If no then let me know why? Why don’t you think promotion is the most effective method to grow your traffic and audience?

Also be aware…

I want to create the VERY BEST content for you

So if you have any questions that you want me to cover, let me know in the comments and I’ll add it into this content series for you