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About AmpMyContent

AmpMyContent comprises of 2 marketing co-founders, Freyja Spaven and Daniel Daines-Hutt

Freyja Spaven: Co Founder Of AmpMyContent

Freyja is the former Content Strategist for New Zealand’s #1 Ranked tech company, helping them grow 5,400% in under 12 months and get the attention of the CEO of Microsoft and the front page of Hacker News on multiple occasions

Most blogs grow 8% a year

They are currently growing 10% a month

Even crazier?

Someone reads one of their articles every 32 seconds…

She’s helped edit and publish content on other properties where it is consistently the top performing content in terms of traffic, shares and leads

Freyjas goal with AmpMyContent is to help small businesses take a more strategic approach to content marketing so that they can create less content and instead use more promotion for scalable results

Freyja has written content ranked in the Top #10 of all time on, helped a new blog generate 50,000 views and $3 Million in client request in 14 days, had the ‘Must Read’ content in Growthhackers multiple times, had content viewed socially millions of times and much more

She also helps with College Education programs for Entrepreneurship, alongside local and national environmental programs

Daniel is the behind the scenes co-founder of AmpMyContent and the founder of InboundAscension, one of the worlds leading resources to learn advanced retargeting techniques

Daniel has been quoted as thought leader in the retargeting space and had content referenced and shared by the likes of Shopify, Neil Patel, Sean Ellis and GrowthHackers, Digital Marketer, Ryan Deiss, Copyhackers, Nir Eyal and many more

His main focus with AmpMyContent is to help build automated traffic systems to help businesses scale their content promotion cost effectively, and increase their sales, and to share how he uses content marketing and promotion to grow

Daniel has ran case studies with nationwide e-commerce and service businesses, where they have seen between 7,000-9,000 ROI, and runs sophisticated campaigns that see optin’s as high as 92%

You can read our latest ppc guide, where we get a 22:1 ROI promoting content to a COLD audience, using facebook ads

A portion of profits are donated to support local environmental campaigns such as Sea Shepherd, funding Women’s Shelters and to help build schools and fund teachers in Africa via Teacher Aid


2016 AmpMyContent is Founded


2017 Website Built and early work began/Strategizing and content plan etc


2017 Training Program Beta Launch Phase 1


2017 Website Launches To Public


2018 Amplify Training Program Goes Live To the Public


2018 First content goes live for traffic generation, and hits #1 article on GrowthHackers


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