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I share everything I know, from over a decade in the industry – with indepth guides on where to focus your content marketing efforts for maximum results.

Get all the latest tips, tools, and strategies that I use daily – to create content and grow businesses.

I've followed Dan's journey for years. He was a student of mine who became the teacher - and the value he puts out is insane (with the results to back it up).

Why listen to me?

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Hey there!

My name is Daniel Daines-Hutt, and I’m the creator of Amp My Content.

I’ve been in the digital marketing space for over a decade now, and have worked with multiple companies at various stages of growth. Everything from one man teams, mom and pops, to start-ups and even Enterprise – so I’ve been where you are now.

I started writing ‘how to’ guides and case studies about Content Marketing and Content Promotion after people asked me to share how I was getting such good results. (That and my frustration at the bad information out there!)

In fact, you can see some of these case studies below!

TL;DR: I share BS free, actionable advise that you can use to grow your blog traffic. The information work’s regardless of if you’re doing this alone, or running a team.

Better still, I share methods to get more for your efforts!

If you want to learn how to both create and leverage content more effectively, then check out my blog, ASAP.

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