It just needs to be more effective

Learn how to use 'old school' principles to get your audience to read, react and reach for their credit cards...

Here’s how to make your content (and life) much easier:

  • No more late night/early morning deadlines
  • No more writing for the sake of it
  • No more anxiety
  • No more feeling like somethings missing
  • Yes to more traffic
  • Yes to conversions
  • Yes to more sales (and letting your content sell for you)
  • Heck… yes to writing less often, but driving real results

Sound too good to be true?

Well here’s the thing

I’ve not written a new blog post in almost 10 months…

Yep, 10 months, and yet my blog continues to get traffic and sales every day.


By focusing on improving 3 key elements:

  1. Content that attracts our audience
  2. Content that sells our audience, and
  3. Content that leverages psychology and systems

That’s right…

No daily content, no weekly updates, and none of that ‘latest news’ or ’12 things the new Batman movie taught me about X’ garbage!

All by simply making our content do its job better.

So let me explain – Right now my articles convert between 17-83% of readers to leads.

Readers become subscribers, and subscribers become customers, all on automation, but it gets better.

Because the content is more effective, it means I can take the time and effort to promote it and see results.

I’m not just talking about more traffic either.

From an SEO perspective, I have a single article that raised my ‘Domain Rank’ by 40 points, all on its own. I simply promoted it again and again.


I even run paid traffic to content and see a $22:1 ROI!

So how am I doing this?

  • Am I some kind of kung-fu writing wizard? Nope!
  • Do I have a degree in English and writing? Noooo. If anything, my grammar is terrible.
  • Did I learn ‘the 7 secret hacks’ from a wise old master on a mountain top? Erm kind of.

It’s because I found ‘Direct Response’ marketing, and started applying those same principles to content marketing efforts.

What Is Direct Response Marketing?

I wouldn’t be surprised if you’ve never heard of this before because it’s kind of nerdy, but when you understand it, it’ll change the face of your entire business.

Let me explain:
Direct Response started back in the direct mail days. As in envelopes and sending adverts in the post and Don Draper from Mad Men.
It wasn’t just sending envelopes though. An advertiser would have to:
  • Design a catalogue
  • Print it out
  • Post it to you in a letter
  • Get you to open it
  • Get you to read it
  • Get you so excited that you wanted to buy something
  • Get you to cut out the product form
  • Get you to fill in the form
  • Get an envelope
  • Put the form and money inside
  • Get you to go to the post office and then PAY to send it back to them, just so you can place your order…
Can you imagine how difficult that would be?
Even worse, it was costing them money to write, print, and send the thing out in the first place, so it needed to work!
And so these guys were smart. They tested everything and used psychology, science, and math to make it work.
Their goal was to make sales but more than that, it was:
  • To understand the audience and what drives them
  • To use that psychology to get their audience to take an action
  • To measure that action, how much it cost, and repeatedly improve it until it was profitable
“If it cost me 1X to show the offer, but we made 3X in sales, then the ad was a success and I can scale it up, and show it to more people”
It’s not about trying to get 100,000 visitors in a day with some click bait and your site be dead tomorrow.
Heck, it’s not even really about 100k every month from SEO.
Instead, it’s all about a focused, measured action. To know down to the dollar what’s working, and whats not.
To get MORE from LESS.
So let me ask you a question…

What If You Could Run Traffic To A Single Page, And Get Sales?

That’s what the paid ad guys do.

They know how people work, and how to get them to take action. They understand human psychology and how to structure messages to get their goal.

They’ve put in the work and learned direct response, and it’s paid off them.

No joke, there are people out there doing MILLION DOLLAR DAYS, simply by running averts to someone else’s offer, and getting paid a commission.

A million dollars in just 24 hours!


All they do is run cold traffic to a sales page and make sales.

It’s good, but when the ad turns off?

The sales stop.

These guys are so good at this, that they don’t care. They create a new ad and then keep on partying

But its madness!

  • There’s NO content
  • There’s NO asset
  • There’s NO business

There’s no ongoing growth or long term plan.


What If You Could Take Those Same Principles, And Apply Them To Your Content Marketing Instead?

To create content that attracts?

That moves people?

That drives them to take an action?

That continues to get traffic, and be an asset years after you wrote it?

Content so good you can get off the content hamster wheel and still make

And So That’s What We Did…


We took all that psychology and nerdiness, and blended it with the systems we have available.

We built a structure and process.

A way to write content that converts, sells and scales.

Better still?

A strategy that ties it all together.

That’s what we put together for you in this book…


Here Are Just A Few Of The Things,
That You’ll Learn Inside…


  • The 3 part content strategy to create content to attract your audience, and automate your sales and scale with traffic systems

  • A plug and play planning process, to connect the dots and drive more sales

  • The 3 types of salesperson, and how to become the most powerful version using advanced sales psychology

  • How to plant your flag and be seen as an authority in your space

  • The 4 traffic systems you need to leverage to grow your business

  • The 9 content archetypes for every article you’ll write

  • How to create ‘Pre-frame’ sales content to automate your sales process

  • How to create kick ass case studies using the same template that generated us $3 Million in client requests in 2 weeks

  • How to repackage your readers success to convert skeptics

  • How to use the ‘Red Carpet Effect’ to get the attention of major influencers, and be seen as their peer

  • How to build your own ‘Big Mac’ and stand out in your space

  • How to capture those last minute window shoppers and convert them to your offer

  • How to create a REAL Ultimate Guide that can grow your audience, authority and SEO rankings

  • How to create high value Data backed guides to get HUGE amounts of backlinks

  • How to find content topics, research your audience, go behind the scenes with competitors and have enough ideas to last you for years

  • A step by step writing and editing process to get your content complete, and stand out

  • The 9 viral triggers that make the best performing content online

  • How to get past the major roadblocks that stop first time and even experienced writers

  • How to write a ’30 minute’ first draft

  • How to improve your contents layout and your audiences perception of value

  • How to pull them in, connect emotionally, and get them to take action

  • How to convert more readers into leads than ever before

  • How to help the Google gods understand your articles, so you can finally rank

  • The 2 sides of content marketing, and what you need

  • How a single article is worth $200k per year, and what it means in terms of your own strategy

  • How to Amplify your message to get new readers, on automation, without any new content

  • An added Audio bonus so you can listen and learn

free audiobook bonus!

That's right...

Get a FREE Audiobook copy with your purchase
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30 Day Money Back Guarantee


So here’s the thing:

We’re not selling this book, Amazon is

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Better still?

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Don’t like the book after buying?

No problem!

You simply click 3 buttons and get refunded

Easy right?

So what do you have to lose?…

Meet The Author: Daniel Daines-Hutt


A self confessed marketing nerd

Daniel has a background in Direct Response advertising, but ironically its his Content Marketing that people know him for

He’s had the Top #10 content of all time on and the Top Content on GrowthHackers
(2 years running)

What else?…

He’s had a viral post generate $3 million in client requests in 2 weeks, and has had content shared or referenced by:

  • The CEO of Microsoft,
  • Techcrunch,
  • Hacker News,
  • Neil Patel,
  • Ryan Deiss,
  • Sujan Patel,
  • Joanna Weibe,
  • Glen Allsop and others

His goal is to help business owners get more traffic, with less content

content marketing 
for traffic and sales

How to use Direct Response Copywriting, 
for more effective content marketing

Only $2.99 on Kindle!
(Or $19.99 For Physical Book)

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