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killer content bonus

The Killer Content Creation BONUS Section

Hey buddy

Thanks for requesting this exclusive video bonus

Simply click above to start watching

As a surprise I’ve also added a few extra bonuses…

So in the video you can see me edit an article to meet the 9 Elements of High Value Content

As a reminder they are:

The elements are great

But you know whats better?

The ‘tick boxes’ to meet each element

CLICK HERE to download a cheat sheet of what you need to add to your content to meet Killer Content requirements

Then to help you see the difference…

CLICK HERE to get a PDF version of the ORIGINAL article before it was edited

and then…

CLICK HERE to get a PDF version of the new and IMPROVED article edited for the 9 elements

Use this to compare the two and see what a difference it makes…

To Do Next

If you want to start improving traffic of your own, then we have a small challenge for you:

  • Go back into an old post
  • Make these 9 element edits

Then when Part 3 goes live tomorrow you’re going to learn how to collect far more emails and leads than ever before

This newly edited post would go great with that right?…

Dan + Freyja


If you haven’t left a comment on the previous article, it would be super helpful to other readers

Let them know what content you’re about to improve in the comments!

You can click here to jump back to that article in a new tab…