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Why You Need To Stop Writing Content If You Want To Get Traffic

Here’s the thing about Content Marketing:  

We ALL want traffic to our websites  

More traffic means more sales, leads and email optins  

Heck it can even mean more free time, peace of mind etc  

But there are far too many people who think that writing MORE content is the secret to getting traffic  

‘If I can just write 3 more posts this week, we *should* hit our content goals!?’  

But the reality is, its actually hurting their chances, while slowly driving them mad from writing all the damn time  

(I’m talking from painful experience here)  

If you want to start getting actual traffic then you need to stop writing and read this post

The best part?  

We’re about to show you how to NOT ONLY get more traffic and higher conversions?

But we’ll show you how to do it quicker and by writing far less often

In fact we used this ‘Amplification Approach’ to drive 50,000 visitors to a brand new website in just 14 days…

Better Still?

Its just a simple 3-Step System to start getting far more traffic (And writing less content)

Sure it takes work, but its an evergeen approach to building content assets

i.e content that drives traffic, sales, leads and optins for years to come

In fact using this method means that we SMASH the industry standard optin rate of 1.95%…

Yep no more 2% optins, but as high as 83%!

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