How I got 561.6% more organic traffic, $1 leads, and shared by the biggest influencer’s (All in just 90 days)

Today I’m going to share a promotion strategy that’s helped grow our organic traffic by 561.6% in just 90 days.

Yup, just 3 months and over 5x more traffic. Not only that, but this strategy gets us cheap leads, bursts of traffic AND even sales.

Pretty good right but it gets better…


Because we did all this with just a SINGLE blog post

In today’s article I’m going to break down the strategy, along with 3 major things you need to understand, if you want to see success with your own content.

Content Distribution Masterclass: How To Get Day One Results From Your Content Promotion

A few months back I published a brand new article to our site:

Its a good article, but the thing is?

Ampmycontent was only 2 months old at the time!

Why care?

Because this meant that we had a VERY small audience, and very little traffic.

Fortunately we had a strategy in place…

Within 24 hours of publishing, the article was picked up and shared by major influencer’s.

People like Glenn Allsopp of Viperchill, Sujan Patel, Joanna Weibe and more.

Why does this matter?

Because this meant we had a burst of traffic and leads right at the moment of publishing…

112 new subscribers in under 24 hours

Within a few weeks?

It was ranked as one of the Top 10 article’s of the year in the GrowthHackers community, and picked up by major podcasts like Co-Schedule, Copy Chief, Active Campaign and more.

Not bad right?

It gets better still…

As we continued to work through the process, we started to see more and more organic traffic and impressions from Google.


That articles shown up in search results over 30,000+ times in the last 3 months.

(Heck…20,000 in the last month alone!)

But lets be honest here:

SEO and linkbuilding takes time to get results.

And so even when you’ve done the work, Google doesn’t always send you traffic right away.

I don’t know about you but I don’t want to wait 120 days for traffic to finally arrive!

Which is why we supplemented in other methods in the mean time

(Paid ads and other fun things)

Hows it doing?

Not bad…

Yep- $1 leads from promoting the article to brand new, COLD readers who’ve never heard of us before

This means that not only are we getting traffic to it right away, but we’re getting readers to us at a profit.

All from following a comprehensive promotion strategy.

The best part?

You can do the EXACT same thing for your own site, even if you’re just getting started with content promotion.

You just need to understand a few key things…

The 3-Things You NEED To Know, To Drive Early And Ongoing Traffic From Your Content

There are 3 core ideas you need to understand, if you want your content promotion to succeed:

  • Thing #1: How content can go ‘viral’ and get traffic
  • Thing #2: Each promotion channel, their strengths and how they work
  • Thing #3: How to bypass their weaknesses…


Because there’s a whole heap of promotion methods out there. Most people think you just pick a channel and dive in right?

If only…

If you really want to succeed, then you need to understand how these systems work. How they drive traffic, what are the most important levers and where to spend your time

Why care?

Because if you understand the systems, then you can learn how to bypass any weaknesses they have.

THIS is how you can see traffic and leads from day one of publishing.

Make sense?

So lets dive in…

How Things ‘Go Viral’

We all want more traffic right?

The ideal goal is for our content to ‘go viral’ and get a huge burst of traffic, followed by ongoing growth.

(That’s why we promote it so we can make it happen)

But why do we call it ‘going viral’?

Most people think its because the traffic spreads just like a virus.

What they don’t realize?

Its because it actually GROWS using the same system…

Both content and viruses follow the same S-curve of growth.

This means that its slow to start, but then explodes exponentially. (And apologies because I know viruses are now what we want to be thinking of right now, but it’s how the method works.)

For Example

A virus starts at patient zero with just one person infected.

Then as they infect a few people, each of them also infect others, until it hits the inflection point.

As this point it scales like crazy, infecting more and more people until it hits the tipping point- ie the max people who can be affected where they are.

Likewise, social virality is the same.

We start at launch with just a few people reading and sharing.

Suddenly the people they shared it with also share, and we hit the inflection point where the content starts to scale upwards.

Eventually we hit the tipping point, and it starts to level off.

So why care about this?

Well for a few reasons:

  • Most people don’t promote enough to have an effect.
  • Others don’t understand the s-curve, and so they stop promoting before they hit the inflection point and never see any real traffic.
  • Or worse, they don’t promote long enough to hit the tipping point and so never see ONGOING traffic.

Promotion is all about depth. Its about understanding the channels that we have available, and how they work.

Its not just about ticking the box and moving to the next thing.…its about trading up the chain and moving further up that curve.

That’s how you make the most out of every article you write!

And truthfully?

Its the only way that your content will continue to grow your audience for you.

The crazy thing though?

‘Social Virality’ is only one system of promotion.

Key Takeaway:

When you understand each system we have available, you can actually engineer ‘viral’ results…

The 3 Types Of Media

So lets work through the promotion systems we have available.

If we break it all down, traffic is about getting attention.


  • Earning it,
  • Paying for it,
  • or Creating assets and Attracting it.

Each traffic channel out there fits into one of those 3 types.

Our goal is to either Earn attention, or Pay for attention, so that our OWNED assets grow stronger and start attracting their own audience.

Simple right?

The thing is?

Not every channel works the same…

Paid Promotion: Strengths And Weaknesses

Paid channels don’t follow the traditional s-curve.

Instead they hit that inflection point and scale amazingly quick.

Better still?

They can reach out to a HUGE audience that other channels can’t reach- this means you can really get massive growth, even to people who don’t even know you

The only problem?

(Well 2 actually)

Problem #1: Ads on their own are not an asset

If they stop working, you have nothing to show for it- that’s why you need to run them to content

Not only that?

Problem #2: Ads can stop working.

Either you run out of budget and stop paying for the ad, or if it fatigues. (People start responding to it less).

When this happens you stop getting traffic immediately.

Not great right?

So let’s look at another channel…

Search Engine Traffic: Strengths And Weaknesses

Search Engine traffic follows that same s-curve shape….kind of

(The time before the inflection point can be huge)

But as you start to build links to your content, it moves gradually up the rankings until boom! It hits page #1 and the traffic starts to come through.

The thing is?

The vast majority of that traffic doesn’t come until you hit page #1 and even then, the majority of it goes to the first result.

That means you can be building links for months before you see any traffic.


But after that?

Once you hit that first page you get huge amounts of ongoing traffic every month. The only issue of course is that you hardly see anything until you reach that coveted #1 spot.

So lets look at another channel to see.

Earned Attention Traffic: Strengths And Weaknesses

You might think of this as referral traffic.

A link, an interview or some influencer sharing your content and sending their audience to you.

The thing is that this referral traffic doesn’t follow the s-curve either.

In fact its more of a gradual slope, with spiky bursts of traffic.

The best thing about influencer traffic?

Not only do they have a large audience they can send you, but its your exact audience and potential customers!

This means that the traffic can be incredibly relevant.

The worst part?

When you’re not getting shared, your traffic stays much lower. Stop running campaigns or reaching out, and your traffic soon dips down to not much higher than it was before…

So why care about this right?

Well each channel is able to send you traffic, but none of them are perfect.

They all have their flaws, so what can you do?

Use A Multi-Phase Promotion Plan To Supplement Their Weaknesses

This was one of the biggest ‘aha moments’ that I had.

When I finally realised this, our content started to skyrocket. No more waiting for results, but traffic from day one of publishing.

What is it?

The trick is not to see each channel as separate ‘distribution places’.

Its not about putting you content on each one, ticking the boxes and writing a new post. Nor is it about spreading to multiple channels with a spaghetti cannon approach.

So whats the solution?

Its about using each channel together as part of a larger strategy.


By supplementing in each channel at the right time to leverage their strengths, and avoid the other channels weaknesses.

By using the right traffic channel at the right time, in the right way, then there’s no more waiting…

  • No more losing your audience when you stop paying ads.
  • No more ghost town content while you wait for SEO to kick in.
  • And no living off small bursts of traffic.

When you put it all together (along with a few other channels) you can create a process that bypasses each channels weaknesses.

Traffic from day 1 and onwards.

Traffic that arrives every month.

And the ability to reach out and connect with readers who have never heard of you before.

Pretty cool right?

Now Its Your Turn…

Can you see how all this ties together?

  1. Viral traffic can be engineered when you understand the systems
  2. You need to go deep enough with your promotion to hit that tipping point of ongoing traffic- don’t stop before then
  3. All systems have flaws, but you can bypass them if you use them together at the right time

Understanding these 3 things was the biggest game changer in our own business.


Because once you understand the systems you have available, and how they really work, it all gets so much easier

Not only do you know where to spend your time?

But you know WHAT to use, WHEN to use it, and HOW to use it, so that they supplement each other

Its insanely powerful, and its how we promote every article that we create.

(And how we get all those results you saw before)

The best part?

Because each article is more effective, it means we can create less often but still see traffic.

Pretty cool right?

We cover this entire strategy indepth inside our premium training program, the Amplify Content Academy

Its not just strategy though!

We dive deep into content creation AND promotion.

Crazy right!?…

A content marketing program that shows you how to market the damn content.

We cover everything from:

  • Content creation, editing, optimizing, design, SEO, Copywriting and appearance
  • Paid profitable traffic
  • Link building
  • Link Earning
  • Guest Posting
  • Podcasting
  • Influencer marketing
  • Forum traffic and research and much more.

Not only that?

We show you how to use each of them more effectively in a cohesive promotion strategy, so you can get off the ‘publish, publish’ hamster wheel…

You can learn more about the Academy here.

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