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Meet Thorstein, The Inbound Agency Owner Who Increased His Leads By Over 320% With Just His First ‘Amplify’ Article…

Thorstein is the CEO and Founder of, an Inbound Marketing agency based in Norway

After joining the Amplify Content Academy, he dived in head first and started get work done!

How’s it going so far?

His very first article helped him see an increase in leads by around 320% – just on day 1 of publishing!

That’s not bad when you realize those leads are from the CTO’s of Enterprise companies…

Even better?

Each sale is worth upwards of 6 Figures, so as you can guess- he’s pretty pumped with his results so far!

This is an interview with him about what happened, his experience and thoughts on the Amplify Content Academy, and what he has to say to those who are ‘on the fence’ about joining.

Hopefully you’ll be able to learn from Thorstein and his actions, and help you make a decision to see if you’ll become one of our new success stories…

If You’re Writing Content But Struggling To Compete Against Bigger Companies, Then You NEED To Read This

When your faced with committing to a long term plan for your business, it can be a little daunting…

Time is always an issue right?

There’s just never enough TIME to get all the things done

So when faced with a long term choice like this, you start to ask yourself

“Just how can I be sure that THIS is the thing that will move the needle?…”

This can cause a lot of second guessing and back and forth

And for some of us, it can mean not making a choice at all…

But then you have people like Thorstein who just commit to taking massive, deliberate action and measuring the results

And the pay off?

Well I’ll let him tell you…

Attention Agency Owners: Why Less Content Done Well, Is The Key To Beating Your Big Competitors

When you’re running an agency and competing against huge competitors, it can be hard to stand out

These guys not only have a person for x role…

…but they have entire TEAMS of people

And so it can feel like its hard to compete or beat them right?

Often, its easy to think that you need to scale up before you can even try…

(But how do you scale if your competitors have all the sales right?)

Well you’re in luck


A lot of the larger guys have a ‘Hope, Pray, and Spray’ approach to content

They create short fluff pieces regularly, imitating news sites and adding very little value to their audience

This is great news for you


Because if you can simply:

  1. Create Killer Content
  2. Promote It Strategically

Then not only do you stand out in a world of noise and weak content- but your audience responds and loves your for it…


Back Before You Joined, What Was Your Biggest Problem Or Challenge With Getting Traffic?

The biggest frustration was that I was putting so much time and effort into blogging for our agency, but we would constantly get between 20 and 300 views on the articles.

It was a LOT of work for very little ROI.

My competitors were doing well, even though they were posting similar content maybe twice a week.

And since we’re smaller, we had no way of competing with agencies with 20-40 people.

Or so you thought!


I knew there had to be a smarter approach.

I could see people like Neil Patel and Backlinko getting a ton of traffic, but no one had a system to get the same results…

Did You Have Any Doubts Or Worries Before Choosing To Get On The Course?

I was worried how long it would take to see the effect.

I know content is a long term approach, and so you need to think 6 months ahead.


A lot of people suffer from this and see nothing for their efforts.

The trick that we try to bake into the Amplify Academy, is how to get results in the interim. How to add in other methods so that you get bursts of traffic and leads, while also ranking up content for organic traffic etc.

Were You Surprised At How Quickly You Saw Results?

The results I got from the first blog post were waaaaay better than normal.

We saw a 320% increase in leads on the first day!

The post is still converting, but I need to go and promote it more. All I’ve done so far is publish it, ad its more leads that most articles would get in a year…

Were these new leads good?

The leads have been a mix of SAAS businesses and Enterprise, along with smaller companies so that’s been really nice.

Of course, we also get some unqualified leads, but around 10-20% are amazing- huge companies etc.

That’s awesome!

Don’t forget, but those unqualified leads are also great at helping promote that content, which helps get the content in front of the right clients.


So How Has Your Business Changed Or Been Affected Since Joining the Amplify Content Academy?

That’s the unfortunate part for a testimonial, in that my sales process is so long!

We definitely have way more people in our pipeline and more going through our sales process, so that’s never a bad thing.

If we convert them at the same rate as we usually do, it can mean a lot more sales!…

Editors Note:

Thorstein’s sales are now way up, and he’s just hired 3 new team members.

So Amplify Has Helped Change Your Business, But How Has Your Life Changed Since Joining?

FAR LESS stress around content creation.

I felt like I always had to write but I was never happy with the result!

So I write less often, I enjoy it more and I get better results.

I LOVE having a process to follow also…

It makes the writing 1000x easier- I absolutely love it.

(I’m going to have my team work through it soon also so they can use it to start writing)

My content is already way better than my competitors. I just need to promote it more now!

That’s Awesome Buddy!


What Would You Tell Someone Who’s On The Fence About This?

As an agency owner, one of our biggest challenges is our OWN marketing.

With Amplify you can write less and get better results, by having a system to follow.

It helps you get off of that ‘Content Creation Hamster Wheel’ and finally get the leads you need to fill your pipeline…


To Do Now:

So that’s Thorstein’s story.

Right now you have a choice ahead of you.

Of what results you want to get from now on.

I know it can be hard to commit to a long term plan- but if you can see others in your situation getting the results you want? Well then maybe THIS is the blueprint that you need to follow also?

You can go ahead and check out Amplify Content Academy with this link here

Learn about all the modules, how it works, the 30 day refund and all those awesome bonuses…

I highly recommend that you go read through all the details and see exactly what we have to offer