Frequently Asked Questions About The Amplify Content Academy.

Hey its me, Daniel Daines-Hutt.

I know that making a decision like joining a training program can be hard.

You might be thinking “Can I pull through this”, “Do I have the time” or “Will it work for my business” etc

I want to help you make the right choice, so I’ve put together every question I’ve had so far about our content marketing training.


I added in a few of my own that I would have had, back when I was purchasing training like this.

Hopefully this should help you know whether or not Amplify is right for you…

How The Amplify Content Academy Works…

How does the program work?

The Amplify Content Academy is built around 2 core areas:

  • Follow along executable action plans or ‘Roadmaps’, and
  • Supplementary training to support those goals

So let me explain.

The roadmaps are designed for you to be able to hit long term or multi stage goals:

  • We have one on the exact content that your site needs to be successful (and not miss key elements). What content to create and in what recommended order so that you not only get traffic, you also get sales.
  • Then we have another on how to promote an article once its published so you hit the strengths of multiple promotion channels and bypass their weaknesses. Everything from outreach, linkbuilding, paid ads and more, but in a specific order so they work best for you-when you need them.
  • And finally we have a roadmap on how to write an article. How to take it from initial idea to edited, polished and published.

That’s how the roadmaps work.

You follow them step by step to hit those goals.

It’s not just these roadmaps though!

We have multiple courses designed to supplement them. Everything from tools and resources, to setting up your site, your home page design, to advanced methods of promotion that you can add in.

Some of them are small things that most people miss.

Others are more advanced guides to help you leverage your content even further.

And the good news?

We’re constantly adding, updating and improving! Chances are high that if we’re using a method and testing it out, then we will create training for it and add it into the academy!

Is this in person? Do I need to travel or stay up late?

The entire program is online, available immediately.

You can download assets to read or watch at your leisure, and we’re constantly adding new training each month, as we test out new methods.

Is the course drip fed or do I get full access all at once?

You get full access to all current content on day one. (Along with all future content for as long as you’re a member)

None of that waiting a month for new content to release just so you stay a customer that other courses might use.

Any lesson that’s on the academy is available from day 1.

(Excluding any courses that are in production, but they are uploaded as soon as they are finished. No waiting until the start of the month or anything like that.)

How much time does it take per week?

It all depends on how much time your willing to invest.

The full writing and promotion roadmap from start to finish? You can complete it in a single month. (A little longer your first time through)

But that’s the thing- you’ll be able to follow along for each new article that you create.

Our goal is to help you move away from spending time on things that don’t work.

If all you can spare is 30 mins a week at first, that’s fine.

The other roadmaps are set out for larger goals.

Month long promotion tasks or 12 month content creation goals. The key to understand is that you can benefit in as little as a day, or even a few hours per week.

The beauty is that you are spending your time on the right things instead.

How much more is in the course vs what you share on the blog?

So much more!

Our content is just the tip of the iceberg, compared to what is inside the Academy.

In fact?

There’s around 21+ hours of video content alone, along with templates, case studies, examples, process breakdowns, task sheets and much more.

At the time of writing this our blog has just 5 articles.

Does it cover writing, editing, or image creation for when writing content?

Everything that we use for our own site is included.

The entire processes:

From writing, editing, image design… if we do it for our business and content, then its included inside the Academy.

Do I need to get any further tools to use the academy?

There are a few tools we recommend.

Where possible they are free, some are cheap and others a low recurring fee. We try to cut down to only the bare minimum, most important tools, and if you do need anything else we try and teach you how to use it and save cash at the same time.

(Some tools have higher pricing for X method to use. But if you’re smart you can get around this and find out the same info manually. We like to show you how to do this when we can)

Will the academy be updated?


Because we use this for our own internal training, its updated as and when we find new tools or methods. In fact, its already been updated 4x now thanks to user feedback, and new training and traffic tests.

Even better?

As a lifetime member you get lifetime access to all future updates, free of charge!

As an ongoing member?

Well you get access to all training for as long as you stay with us, and for a a fraction of the cost.

  • Lifetime membership us currently $2370
  • Annual is $350 a year
  • Monthly access is $37 a month

Will This Work If…

What if I don’t have any content yet?


This means you don’t have any bad habits AND it means we can show you where to start focusing your effort, right from day 1.

If you do have content, then we’ll show you how to improve it also.

What makes this different to other courses on content marketing?

Ironically, we actually focus on the marketing aspect!

We don’t care about random rules or typos about language- we care about results. High converting content with effective promotion that drives long term traffic.

I know we hint at promotion, but we really deep dive.

Almost 70% of the content is all about promotion methods and channels, and how to use them as a comprehensive system.

How do I know if I’m ready?

Are you fed up of your content not working?

Are you ready to finally get traffic?

Can you follow along with step by step instructions, do the work and see the results?

Then you my friend, are ready 😀

How much help am I going to get?

When you join the Academy you have access to our exclusive community of members:

Each week (or when needed really) we jump in with Q+A calls, behind the scenes videos and more.

Right now we simply jump into the forum each day and answer questions and record videos.

The academy is just starting out so there’s only a smaller group in there, but that does mean you get far more interaction with us!

How do I convince my partner to let me invest in this?

Hmm that’s difficult…

Everyone’s situation is different, but if you help break it down to them, where you are now, the path you are on, and the change it can make for both of you?

Then you should be all set.

But remember:

It never hurts to communicate!

When can I expect to get traffic?

You should see higher conversions from your content almost immediately.

Then when you launch a post, you should start to see bursts of traffic far beyond your previous results.

After that you can build automation’s and systems for long term, ongoing traffic.

I need to get traffic ASAP will this help?

If you follow the process and do the work, you should see faster results than ever before.

But if you skim across and only shotgun approach it?

Then you’ll get a fraction of what you could if you put in the work 🙁

We can’t guarantee traffic as that would be madness. But if you can improve your content AND build systems of promotion, then its only a matter of time right?

I’m no genius but these methods work for me…

Is The Academy Right For Me If?…

I have a Physical Business but ship online- can the academy help me get more traffic?

It sure can!

As long as you have an audience you want to attract online, and a method of selling to them?

Then the Amplify Academy can help you get more of those people to you. All we’re doing here is simply helping you build that traffic to your site.

It doesn’t matter what kind of business you’re in.

I own a Service Business where I work locally and nationally– can the academy help me get more traffic?


Even better?

By following the steps inside of the Amplify Academy, you’ll start to position yourself as an authority in your field. This means not only more traffic and customer requests, but you can start to collect the very best clients and customers available.

Soon you’ll be turning customers away, and being able to pick and choose who you work with…

I run a Software Company and we always want more traffic- can the academy help me?


In fact, Freyja (Amplify Co-Founder) currently writes for the #1 Tech company in the country and has been frequently the #1 result in Hacker News.

(Heck, she’s had content shared by the CEO of Microsoft and more)

These are the methods that she uses…

Not only will Amplify help you drive more traffic? But with the archetypes and editing we recommend- you’ll see far higher conversions and more positive feedback from your audience.

If you mainly convert traffic into leads and then leads into trials- using Amplify will help you convert far more of your audience…

I already get ‘OK’ traffic- can the academy help me get more?

Depends on your definition of OK

Chances are high that there’s some missing pieces in your puzzle-and Amplify can help you fill them in. Maybe its better organic results, higher click-through’s, more shares or leads?

If you can improve those things then you get the results of 10x the traffic right?

For Example:

Most websites convert 2% of their audience into leads. The methods we use start at 10% optin rate and higher…

Not only can we help you get more traffic, but we can show you how to make all that traffic more effective…

No joke?

We have an interview with a buddy in the bonus section who took 3 SEO techniques and helped a business scale from 500,000 monthly visitors to 8.3 Million visitors a month.

We use the EXACT same techniques (and more) to help scale up organic traffic.

No matter where you are in your business, we can help you…

What If…

How long do I get access for?

Forever if you’re a lifetime customer ( or until the robots become sentient and take over)

For 12 months if your an annual customer (with the option to renew each year)

Or for 30 days from purchase if your a monthly member (with automated renewals to help you stay, and the ability to pause membership with just 3 clicks of your mouse)

Can I buy just a section of the course?

We get this a lot, simply because the Academy could easily be 90 courses in one

Unfortunately what most people don’t tell you, is you need it all working together to see success.


Because its pointless learning how to write better if no one reads your content right?

Likewise, it makes no sense to run paid ads, if the content you send them to just doesn’t convert. You need it all to succeed, which is why unfortunately no- you can’t buy separate parts of the program.

You get it all because I want you to succeed…

Do you have a payment plan?

Not on the lifetime membership, but if you message we can set something up.

Do you have a discount if I pay in full?

Kind of…

The academy is currently $37 a month.

If you purchase the annual price then you can join for $350 a year (saving $94 or a saving of around 26% a year)

Or you can join for a lifetime at $2370.

(This works out as around 6 years of membership before you see a saving, but we already have people who have been with us for 3 years now and we will continue to update this program many years into the future)

What if I try Amplify and decide it isn’t for me?

Its a shame to lose you, but we do offer a full 30 day refund policy from the initial purchase.

What if I need 1 on 1 help?

We can’t currently offer 1 on 1 help inside the academy, but we do jump into the forum every day to help answer questions and record videos and give feedback.

If you’re looking for consulting then we offer that here as an added service.

Self Doubts And Fears…

I don’t want another thing on my list to do!

I totally get it, but the reality?

The only way to free up more time is to stop doing the things that aren’t working.

That’s our entire goal with the academy, and its what we follow:

  • “Where are the biggest levers for our time”?
  • “What gets the best return?”
  • “If I take this action can it generate $100k per year, after time invested?”

Because no joke?

We have single articles that generate that much traffic and sales for us.

All because we spent our time writing and promoting them.

Don’t think of it as adding to your to do list. Think of it as finally a way to get away from the things that are wasting your time…

What if I get left behind? Can I work through at my own pace?

Work as and when you can.

There’s no race with anyone else- its all about moving forward  step by step.

And because the program is a follow along execution plan it means you can drop in for 30 minutes and still progress each day…

What if I just can’t seem to find the motivation?

Motivation is for beginners.

Professionals use systems to leverage the best results. They follow a path that takes action and creates habits.

That’s how you get traffic.

Its not how many hours you put in, its what you do with the few hours you have.

Everything in the Amplify Academy is designed for you to simply log in, do the next task, and move closer to your goal.

There’s no overthinking, second guessing or procrastination, because you just do the task in front of you.

And before long, that momentum stacks up again and again…

What if my situation is incredibly unique and nothing can help me?

Honestly it isn’t.

It may feel like it is, and you may stuck and feeling like nothing can help.

But usually this is just 2 things:

  1. Either you’re so tired and invested in the business that you think nothing can help you, and so you can’t step away from the problem
  2. Or you’re simply looking for excuses why you shouldn’t take action because you’re scared

Its like Tony Robbins says:

“Entrepreneurs say they’re stressed, but really they mean scared”

There is always a way through it.


Someone just like you has got through this before, and if it works for them, it can work for you. Not with excuses but with actions.

If they can do it, then its proof anyone else can also right?

If you are one of those people who has 101 different excuses and special cases then chances are that this won’t help you.

Not because the methods don’t work, but because you’re not in the right place right now.

But if you’re ready to get through it?

Then we can help you succeed…

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