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1 On 1 Content Consulting

Would you like help with your content?

Not sure if you’re on the right path?

Think you could improve but don’t where to start?

Or maybe you have a specific piece that you need help to improve- maybe its time on page, optins or conversions?

If so, then you’re in the right place.

Click the button below to book in time with Dan and Freyja, to see how we can help you with your content goals…

How It Works:

We offer hourly consulting (With discount for multiple hours purchased in advance)

  • Single Hour $150
  • Two Hours $280 (Saving $20)
  • Three Hours $390 (Saving $60)

All prices are in USD.

Once you book, you’ll be taken to our booking calendar to find a time slot that works for both of us, regardless of time zone.

Not only that?

You’ll be able to leave a comment to help us understand in advance as much as we can about your issues, goals and content.

(This way we can research in advance and then dive into actionable advice asap on the call)

We offer 30 minute slots, so that if you purchase a single hour, you actually get 2 calls with us.

We do this so that you can take action from each call

(If you have a particularly difficult problem that takes time, we can extend the call to the full hour)

Please Note:

If we feel that we cannot help you, we will refund you and cancel the booking.

Likewise if you work in certain industries, we reserve the right to refund and not work with you.

(Such as narcotics, pyramid schemes or xenophobic blogs.)

Booking Options

For any further questions, please email

We look forward to helping you!